Mammalia, Estação Ecológica do Panga, a Cerrado protected area in Minas Gerais state, Brazil


We present a species list of the mammals of the Estação Ecológica do Panga, a 404 ha Cerrado reserve in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Using methods ranging from camera traps to direct observations, we documented 46 species in the reserve. Among medium and large-sized mammals, the order Carnivora was the most commonly observed (N=12 species). The highest relative frequencies of observation were of Mazama guazoubira and Cerdocyon thous. Pecari tajacu was the most frequent species in camera traps. Over the course of 7320 trap nights there were 105 captures of small mammals from seven species, with an overall capture rate of 1.6 %. The highest capture rates were for the marsupial Gracilinanus agilis, with Calomys tener the most commonly caught rodent. Our survey suggests that many of the Cerrado’s mammal species can persist in landscapes that are a mosaic of natural areas and some types of agriculture.

CheckList: the journal of biodiversity data, (6), 4, pp. 668,