Free stress reduction sessions for @UF faculty, students, & staff. YOU CAN EVEN PHONE IN FROM OFFICE OR FIELD!


Grad School is stressful. Being a faculty member is stressful. Being part of the staff that makes it possible for faculty and students to do what they do is stressful. As we start the new semester I wanted to encourage members of the UF community to take advantage of these 100% FREE weekly mindfulness-based stress reduction sessions. All you have to do is listen as the instructor guides you through a 30-minute session that will leave you completely rejuvenated (trust me - I have 1st hand experience with the sessions and have known the instructor for years*). The sessions are at the McKnight Brain Institute but if you can’t make in in person YOU CAN PHONE IN FROM YOUR OFFICE OR THE FIELD! Really - you can wipe away that frustrating morning of fieldwork with a 30 minute meditation session and then go back out to science some more.  The sessions are Thursdays at 12:15 - why not try today’s? All the details on how to go or call in are below.

PS: *Full disclosure: You will notice the instructor and I have the same last name…she’s my mom! She’s also teaching 2 Mindfulness-Based Meditation classes (Advanced, Beginner) via Santa Fe College’s Community Education. You can sign up now, go to this link) and search for “bruna”. Hurry up, he classes fill quickly.

PPS It has been wonderful to see that members of our community are talking much more openly about mental health. If your institution doesn’t have programs like this, why not ask them to set one up? I know an instructor who would love to help out :)


Join us today at 12:15pm with Beatriz Elena de Bruna!

Beatriz Elena de Bruna has taught meditation for over sixteen years in both English and Spanish. She studied with meditation teachers from many practices, and after participating in the “Teacher Development Intensive” at the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School her focus has been Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). She offers mindfulness courses in English or Spanish (or bilingual) for group and individual instruction at a variety of locations including community centers, health centers, homes, and hospitals.

How to participate:

  • In person or PolyCom Conferencing at the Brain Institute, MOB, Springhill, or the 1329 Fiscal Office. Dial-in number is 75004** (please note the polycom/jabber bridge number for Mindfulness 2017 is 75004)
  • Toll-free phone call to 1-888-670-3525 (when prompted, input the participant passcode 9372794023 then #) Please remember to mute your microphone if you call in! J

 The Department of Psychiatry is pleased to invite you to join our “Mindful Relaxation Minutes”, a weekly thirty-minute opportunity to rejuvenate. We learn how to practice various proven ways to reduce stress levels, including Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Autogenic Training and Breath Work. Sessions will be led by experienced teachers and online didactic information will be available on the UF Psychiatry Sharepoint for those who want to learn more about the scientific evidence base or how to access additional resources. Just log-on with your gatorlink username and password.

Who: Department of Psychiatry students, residents, faculty and staff; other health care providers are welcome.

When: Thursdays 12:15pm to 12:45pm, please see our calendar below for future sessions.


  • In person
  • PolyCom Conferencing at the MOB, Springhill, and Vero Beach locations. Dial-in number is 75004.
  • Toll-free phone call to 1-888-670-3525 (when prompted, input the participant passcode 9372794023 then #) Please remember to mute your microphone if you call in! J

Where: Sessions are held or broadcast to conference rooms in the following locations:

McKnight Brain Institute: 1149 S. Newell Drive Room L4-100B Gainesville, FL 32611

UF Health Medical Office Building: 4037 NW 86th Terrace Room 3242 Gainesville, FL 32606

UF Health Child Psychiatry - Springhill Health Center: 8491 NW 39th Ave Room 122 Gainesville, FL 32606

UF Psychiatry Business Office - 1329 Building  Room 4154 1329 SW 13th St 4th Floor Gainesville, FL 32610 

For more information, including archived sessions, please visit this Mindfulness Relaxation Minutes page. Simply log-on with your gatorlink username and password.


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Meditation, by Moyan Brenn (CC-BY-2.0)[/caption]

Professor & Distinguished Teaching Scholar

My research & teaching interests include Tropical ecology and conservation, plant population ecology, plant-animal interactions, scientometrics and bibliometrics, science & science policy in Latin America matter.