Recent paper: Seedling performance in forest fragments

Cris Jurinitz, a recent PhD from the University of São Paulo I co-advised with Alexandre Oliveira, has just published one of her thesis chapters in Biotropica. In it, she describes how early-stage survival of two shade-tolerant species is affected by canopy openness, litter depth, ontogenetic stage, and conspecific neighborhood in the understories of secondary forest fragments in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. It’s a really nice study, and you can find the final version here. Congratulations, Dra. Cris!

Jurinitz, C. F., E. M. Bruna, and A. A. Oliveira. 2013_._ Synergistic effects of canopy openness, litter depth and ontogeny on seedling performance in forest fragments. Biotropica 45(6): 728-736.

Photo: USP’s Alexandre Oliveira (L) and UF’s Emilio Bruna (R) with their student Dr. Cris Jurinitz in her Atlantic Forest research sites.

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