Scientific Publishing Workshop (WIS 6934)

Table of Contents

Course Objectives

COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course covers (1) the process by which scientific articles are written, reviewed, and revised, (2) factors that influence how manuscripts are evaluated and used by the scientific community (3) trends and emerging issues in scientific publishing, and (4) how to conduct analyses of the scientific literature to advance your own research. By the conclusion of this course students will be able to:

  • Describe best practices and techniques for productive and efficient writing;
  • Identify and properly use tools and techniques for writing collaboratively
  • Create and implement a plan for outlining, writing, and submitting a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal
  • Understand and learn how to address factors that influence how manuscripts are evaluated and used by the scientific community;
  • Articulate the major legal and ethical considerations regarding the use and re-use of research publications and the data that they report;
  • Understand journal, publisher, and funding agency policies for open access and data availability;
  • Understand how to gain insights about a research domain, the scientific community, or how scientific research is conducted by analyzing research publications and products;
  • Find and download the research products for bibliometric / scientometric / meta-science research; conduct analyses of these data;
  • Describe emerging trends, developments, and innovations in scientific publishing Students will learn by doing! All course participants will work on their own manuscripts and work in collaboration with other students to conduct a Metascience research project.

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