Fundraising for Tropical Conservation & Development (LAS 6291)

Table of Contents

Course Objectives

Many of the graduates from the Tropical Conservation and Development program work outside of traditional academia in non-profit organizations, research institutes, or consulting. Even those in academia are confronted with raising funds for programs that fall outside of the standard research grant proposal model. Traditional graduate student courses in conservation and development do not address the practical and critical skill of developing and funding programs. The objectives of this course are (1) to introduce students to the diverse set of private and public sources for funding their activities (2) to develop the skills needed to fundraise from these sources, including the development of donor profiles, constructing fundraising plans, applying fundraising strategies and tactics, and understanding ethical and legal issues surrounding fundraising. Students will learn by doing: all students will (1) develop and implement a fund-raising project focused on their work and (2) work as a group to develop a fundraising plan for an organization.

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Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites other than graduate student standing

Is this course for students from particular disciplines?

This course was created for students in the TCD and MALAS program, whose multidisciplinary projects often require creative fundraising. It is appropriate for students from all fields: biophysical sciences, social sciences, humanities, education, journalism, etc.

Does this course count towards the TCD concentration?

This course is in the TCD Methods category, so PhD students earning the TCD concentration can count this course towards their concentration.